The Importance Of Having A Will If You’re A Parent

Solicitor Danielle Wane
Solicitor Danielle Wane

Daniele Wane

Senior Associate Solicitor

Whilst we have spent this week advising that it is a very good idea for everybody to have a Will in place at the earliest opportunity, this is of particular importance for parents including single parents.

For single parents, as the sole individual responsible for a child, there are specific issues that would arise should the worst happen to you.

Many separated parents share childcare, and would expect that should something happen to them, the other parent would take full responsibility for the residency and upbringing of the child/children.

A will would often reflect this, and would usually make provision for the children’s upbringing within the distribution of assets.

But there are also many cases where separation occurs for other reasons. The other parent may have passed away, or it may not always be an appropriate solution for the child to be raised by the other parent.

Testamentary Guardians

We recommend to all our clients who have children to appoint Testamentary Guardians within their Wills.

If there is nobody with parental responsibility to look after your child should you pass, it is imperative to create a Will and stipulate within it a trusted and willing individual you would wish to raise your children. This individual would be a Testamentary Guardian.

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