With Christmas fast approaching, the well needed break will hopefully be a relaxing and special time for many families, especially given the restrictions in place last year which prevented many of us from seeing our loved ones.

However Christmas and New Year can be a tough time for some, and the pressure of the festivities can prove to be the ‘final straw’ for many unhappy relationships.

Indeed the first week in January each year sees more divorce enquiries than any other through the whole year, causing the media to refer to the first Monday following the holiday ‘Divorce Day’. Divorce and Separation expert Stuart Barton says of the festive period  “For all family lawyers dealing with divorce and separation, the festive period is something to be welcomed and feared in equal measure. As nice as it is to take something of a breather at the end of December, the New Year inevitably brings a flood of new clients seeking advice upon divorce and separation.

We fully expect that January 2022 will be as busy as ever, although there is some expectation that the introduction of long-awaited ‘no fault divorce’ reforms (due in April 2022)  https://www.jameso193.sg-host.com/no-fault-divorce-in-the-uk-from-april-2022/ may cause some couples to place a divorce on hold until those reforms are in place. If you are in such a situation, we understand this can be a daunting experience. Every case is different and the process can evoke a whole range of emotions. Fear, sadness, anger and even relief are common, but the overriding emotion we see when dealing with cases of divorce is the stress this puts on people.

Here at Watson Ramsbottom we can help! We aim to make the divorce process as stress free as we possibly can, tailoring our support to each client’s individual needs, resolving things amicably wherever possible whilst being resolute and steadfast when necessary. We can assist with navigating any blocks in the road; we are adept at resolving disputes regarding children, property, finances or pensions, and we can take away the unwanted burden of the paperwork involved. We ensure we communicate clearly with clients to explain the steps we’re taking throughout to ensure everything progresses as expected, taking away much of the pressure involved and leaving our clients with the time they need to start rebuilding their new life. If you need advice or assistance with any aspect of divorce or separation, we can ensure you are expertly advised and represented.

Call Stuart on 01254 778148, email enquiries@jameso193.sg-host.com, talk to us via live chat or complete our Contact Us form and one of our expert advisors will be in touch.

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