Let us help look after your interests and, where appropriate, defend them. Our litigation team will work with you to in resolving disputes either by negotiation or where necessary at court on your behalf.


We deal with almost any kind of dispute you can face in your life, from contract disputes to employment issues, immigration assistance to debt recovery, from disagreements with neighbours to inheritance claims and much, much more.


We will represent you before Tribunals, the County Court, High Court and above. Where necessary we will instruct a barrister to work with us as part of a team assisting with advice or at court. If appropriate we will secure public funding or alternatively look at the availability of Before the Event Insurance or After the Event Insurance policies. If you need to pay privately, we have a number of payment options including our popular debt recovery fixed fees.



To avoid proceedings, we will consider with you alternative ways of resolving the dispute by way of mediation / arbitration to minimise costs to you.

Having obtained judgment, we can assist you with enforcement. These measures range from bailiffs to bankruptcy and we provide full advice on all the pros and cons.

We also assist businesses with disputes. If you are a business owner seeking to resolve a dispute, please visit our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution page.

For individuals, our team can assist in resolving disputes in the following areas:

Contract Disputes

Every day the average person will enter at least one contract. It is only when things go wrong, do we then consider and examine the transaction closely.

If you need assistance with a Contract Dispute, we can help.

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Property and Land Disputes

Disputes over property and land are some of the most common causes of frustration. Whether you are arguing with a neighbour over an accessway or seeking to extend your property and facing opposition, at Watson Ramsbottom we have the knowledge and expertise to help

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Housing Issues

Housing Law is becoming increasingly important in society today – with more people renting, increasing pressure being put upon landlords by their own lenders, and more mortgage companies than ever seeking possession of properties.

We can assist Tenants or Homeowners with issues they are facing with their homes, and can help Landlords or Agents across all aspects of Housing Law.

Tenants Residential Landlords Commercial Landlords

Employment Advice

Carters Solicitors’ Employment department have experience in representing all types of Employees, dealing with issues between you and your Employer, providing employee advice all during your Employment and if necessary dealing with any claims you may have post-employment.

We also provide a wide range of Employment and HR support for businesses

Advice For Employees Support for businesses

Will Disputes and Contentious Probate

Whilst challenging the detail or validity of a Will is never something anybody ever takes lightly, there are circumstances where this can be necessary.

Should you ever find yourself in such a position, our team of experts are able to assist. 

How we can help you

Physical and Sexual Abuse Claims

If you are suffering from domestic abuse, we have an industry leading specialist team who can help you escape it every step of the way.

Once we have ensured you are safe, we can then advise on further avenues which may be available. These including bringing proceedings in the County Court or High Court against the perpetrator for compensation 

How we can help you
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Price Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our prices, for more details of our pricing structures, potential additional costs and disbursements

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