Father Who Disinherited Daughter Lacked Capacity to Make a Valid Will

You are perfectly entitled to write your children or other close family members out of your will, but such a course can be an invitation to […]

Clerical Errors in Your Will or Codicil Can Create Discord After You Are Gone

Even apparently obvious or trifling clerical errors in a will or codicil may provide fertile ground for dispute and that is why it is so important […]

Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common? This is Why It Really Matters

If you are purchasing a property with a partner, friend, family member or anyone else, your solicitor is bound to ask you whether you intend to […]

Given a Raw Deal by a Divorce Judge? Don’t Just Sit on Your Hands

Many divorcees feel that judges have given them a raw deal when dividing up marital assets. They may or may not be right about that but, […]

Clubbing Together with a Friend to Buy a Home? See a Lawyer First

It makes sense for friends to club together so that they can buy properties they would be unable to afford by themselves. However, a cautionary High […]

Lasting Powers of Attorney – Appointing a Professional is Often Best

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are a sensible means of ensuring that your affairs are kept in order and your welfare is provided for if you […]

Carters becomes part of Watson Ramsbottom

We’re delighted to report that Carters Solicitors has become a part of Watson Ramsbottom. This means that with immediate effect, whilst we are still the same […]

Stamp Duty Announcement

In light of the Government’s announcement relating to Stamp Duty, many of you are probably wondering if this affects you. The Stamp Duty holiday comes into […]

What Will Happen if I Don’t Make a Will?

As I was drafting a Will for a client an email popped up in my inbox telling me that the spouse statutory legacy increases to £270,000 […]


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