You may have seen recently that a new Emergency Alert System is being rolled out by the Government that will sound an alert from all mobile phones in the UK, even if they are silenced.

However, this could prove to be detrimental to those who use a ‘secret phone’ to gather evidence of domestic abuse in their relationship.
Having a second/hidden phone can be a lifeline for domestic abuse survivors and is therefore paramount to keep safe & undetected.
This alert is due to be tested on the 23rd April, however there has been no confirmation on the time, as of yet.
Our advice for anybody holding such phone, would be that this ‘secret phone’ is turned off completely or placed on Airplane mode, when not in use on the 23rd April, in order to prevent the sound from occurring.

Here’s What Head of Family Law Rachel Horman Brown Has Said On The Matter –

“Lots of our clients do have a secret mobile phone so that they can take photographs of injuries in secret, send messages to get advice and help and so that they have a phone when they are ready to escape. This announcement could put abuse victims at risk of serious harm so I would urge them to turn their phone off whilst they are not using it. The government needs to consider this issue urgently.”

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