We regularly find clients we speak to hold preconceived ideas about many aspects of the law, and are often delighted when we can advise them there are solutions to problems they thought were unresolvable. 


In many cases, major issues people are facing in their lives can be resolved or even prevented before they develop with the right advice.


We know that for all those clients who make it in to speak with us about such solutions, there are many more of you out there who may benefit from this information, and so we’ve created our Mythbusting series. 


In this series, we spoke to members of the public and to our own staff to pull together some of the most common misconceptions those in our local areas have, and our experts seek to clarify whether these are true, or things we can assist with. 

I am married, so my spouse will inherit everything

The idea that a spouse will automatically inherit everything if you die is not universally true and can vary depending on several factors.

Here we detail several reasons why it may be a good idea to seek urgent advice if you believe this to be the case. 

fact or myth - read more to find out

If I give my house to my children now, then in 7 years the council cannot consider it for care fees

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fact or myth - read more to find out
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