Harry & Meghan’s US Defamation Case

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You may have heard in the news recently that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle will be made to give testimony under Oath, as part of a US defamation case brought forward by Megan’s half sister, Samantha.

It has come to light that Samantha is suing the duchess for ‘Defamation and Injurious Falsehood’, in retaliation to the couples high profile interview with Oprah Winfrey back in 2021.

During the aforementioned interview, Megan referred to herself as an ‘only child’ which half sister, Samantha claims has ‘Defamed’ her.

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We Asked Litigation Executive David Watson For Some Expert Insight –

‘The case being brought by Samantha Markle is under US jurisdiction and is therefore under US Laws which have subtle but key differences to defamation and other akin claims which can be made within England and Wales.

There are various legal routes which can be taken where a party has made statements which were false and malicious and cause damage to another party however these require careful examination of the specific facts of the case and careful analysis of the statements made.

I would therefore encourage any person who is considering a claim of this nature to make contact with solicitors who can give them advice on their specific case’

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