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29th April – 12th May 2023

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We will inform everyone selected for interview on or before Friday 12th May.

May 2023

Interviews will be conducted throughout May

June 2022

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July 2023

Whilst an exact start date for those successful is yet to be confirmed, it is expected this will be at the end of July

Some of our recent Academy Graduates share their experience of being a part of the programme

Being a member of Watson Ramsbottom’s first ever Training Academy was daunting to start as nobody was quite sure what to expect. However, the experience has provided a greatly valuable insight into the life and role of a Conveyancer.

Over the course of three months we have worked across the firm to understand the conveyancing process from start to finish. We also spent weeks in accounts, compliance and source of funds all of which are vital t the workings of the firm.

Following completion of the Academy I feel that my aspirations for the future have been solidified, I am to remain at Watson Ramsbottom and qualify as a Conveyancer and Solicitor here. The Training Academy has been a pleasure and I would recommend it to all aspiring conveyancers.

Joining Watson Ramsbottom as part of the Conveyancing Academy has been one of the best decisions I have made.

The whole process has been very informative and extremely rewarding. During my time, I have spent several weeks across the different departments to understand the processes involved and the roles in each which help Watson Ramsbottom excel within the legal sector.

My most valuable part of my experience was working with the New Build Team, in particular Linzi and Hannah. They have vast knowledge of new build transactions and are experts in Shared Ownership schemes. They are always there to assist with any queries and always go out their way to ensure

I am continuously learning and increasing my knowledge.

Joining Watson Ramsbottom as a member of the Conveyancing Academy has been an invaluable experience. Having the opportunity to spend time within so many different departments has given me a real insight into the firm as a whole and has enabled me to fain a better understanding of the entire Conveyancing process.

I’d say I most enjoyed my time with the New Build Conveyancing Assistants as it allowed me to put into practice everything I’d learnt in the early stages of the programme. Philippa has been very informative and has continued to help me further my understanding throughout the whole process.

I’m very much looking forward to continuing to learn and eventually gaining the independence require to deal with my own clients.

Starting off at the Watson Ramsbottom conveyancing academy has been an insightful and rewarding experience.

A key aspect of the training programme was access to higher education materials and a university lecturer, allowing me to develop my understanding of conveyancing law. I enjoyed this aspect of training as many of these materials reinforced what I had already learnt in my LPC.

The most valuable part of my academy experience was working with the new build conveyancing assistants. I feel like I have learnt so much within three months. I am looking forward to building upon the skills I have learnt during my time at the academy, developing the skills to independently tackle my own cases in the future.

Joining the Watson Ramsbottom Team has been an insightful and invaluable experience. I have had the opportunity to spend time with many of the different departments learning each and every aspect involved and required in order to fulfil the role

With many other Law Firms there is no opportunity to work in other departments as you are just simply ‘thrown in the deep end’.

The Conveyancing Academy has made me have a firm understanding as to what the Conveyancing process involves and requires. Another most valuable part of the Conveyancing Academy was having access to the Higher Education materials and a University Lecturer. This has enabled me to refresh my knowledge and further develop my Skills.