In increasing cases, disputes between commercial enterprises are unable to be resolved without legal assistance.


At Carters Solicitors we are able to advise you appropriately in respect of your dispute and where appropriate take the necessary steps with you to resolve the issues in question.


Increasingly commercial disputes are now resolved without the need to go through court proceedings and here at Carters Solicitors our specialist litigation solicitors recognise that alternative means of resolving disputes should be utilised as often as possible without the need for litigation in a court setting.


Our experienced team of lawyers are on hand to assist to resolve your commercial disputes in an efficient and cost effective manner, whilst keeping you fully informed and involved throughout the course of the resolution process.


Our team can provide legal assistance with the following matters:

Contract Disputes

Every day the average person will enter at least one contract. It is only when things go wrong, do we then consider and examine the transaction closely.

If you need assistance with a Contract Dispute, we can help.

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Property and Land Disputes

Disputes over property and land are some of the most common causes of frustration. Whether you are arguing with a neighbour over an accessway or seeking to extend your property and facing opposition, at Watson Ramsbottom we have the knowledge and expertise to help

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Landlord and Tenant Issues

As well as assisting residential landlords and agents we are able to help commercial landlords and agents with tenant issues.

Be it a failure to pay the rent or using the property for banned purposes we are able to bring effective and costs sensitive solutions.

Tenants Residential Landlords Commercial Landlords

Employment and HR

The Watson Ramsbottom Employment department have experience in all aspects of Employment Law/Employment Law Advice. We represent a number of local firms and deal with day to day employment issues and also problems that may arise following the termination of an employee’s contracts.

Our Employment & HR Services

Debt Collection

For many businesses credit control/debt collection can be a real problem, especially if the monies owed are relatively small.

If you need assistance or advice with regard to debt collection, we can help

Our Debt Collection Services

Lease Disputes

Disputes can often arise between freeholders and leaseholders over the terms of a lease. These disagreements can take many forms.

Whether you are a leaseholder or a landlord with issues with your leaseholders, our team can assist.

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Professional Negligence Claims

Almost every business often relies on experts to assist with specific aspects of their successful running, for guidance or the implementation of projects.

If you feel that a professional has been negligent and this has caused severe financial or reputational detriment to your business, contact us today 

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Price Transparency

We are committed to transparency in our prices, for more details of our pricing structures, potential additional costs and disbursements

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